Outsider {Poem}

As a single weed grows meekly amongst wildflowers
Seen as a threat,
Accused of stealing,
Not belonging,
Attracting enemies,
Destroying others,
Looking unsightly,
Being a burden,
But this particular weed is simply a tame plant
demonized by reputation of supposed comrades
that had no place in the life of the weed itself.

36 thoughts on “Outsider {Poem}

  1. If we were all the same life would be so boring. How could we learn from each other?A ‘weed’ among the flowers can teach so much by just being authentic and true to its own nature. Conformity dulls the mind, no? thank you for a lovely poem with much food for thought.

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  2. Great poem about the plight of the outsider. Every sensitive soul has been in the position of that plant at one point or another. The gift is that this type of circumstance helps the outsider to develop empathy for all others misunderstood or castigated as “unsightly” or “burdensome.”

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    1. I agree – people who share these sorts of experiences are more empathetic of eachother. Thank you for reading! πŸ™‚

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