Face reveal, and more about me

Well I’ve already revealed my name, which is Lucy (what a surprise). So now I’m revealing my face…

Well that’s me behind a pair of sunglasses, and that all you’re getting for now 😛 I’ll be posting more pictures on my socials though, so give them a cheeky follow – @lucygan02 on everything (IG, Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud if anyone has it haha) 😉

So I’m currently 18, from the UK. I did talk about my musical background and other things about me in my ‘irrelevant girl’ era, but I’m going to assume most of you have forgotten, didn’t read it or are “meeting” me for the first time, so here we go again.

I started taking violin and piano lessons around the age of six, and consequently have a lot of experience with performing, playing in various groups and orchestras, and also composing music. I started self-teaching guitar when I was around eleven, and a few months later, on the 29th October 2013, I wrote my first song. Well, my first proper song anyway – I wrote some “songs” when I was maybe around seven, but they kind of just consisted of a bunch of random, and even made up, words, with rough, mostly improvised melodies. Anyway, so since I first started I’ve been really inconsistent with my songwriting to be honest, I don’t think I wrote even one song in 2018. The first and only time so far that I performed my own songs publicly was in 2019, at a nice local festival where I had an audience of thirty people max – I also had a hoarse voice at the time due to recent intubation so not my best performance but oh well. I also tried self-teaching drums using a drum kit at school when I was around fifteen, but time didn’t allow me to practice regularly :/ Oh, and I played recorder in Year 2 in primary school :)))

Besides music, I love:

  • My friends – you’ll definitely be hearing about one of my best friends in the future when I talk about the songs I wrote for her, and because I wanna show off how FOKIN AMAZING she is ❤
  • Anything to do with space – from learning about all the science and physics behind everything, to simply gazing at the stars. I leave my blinds open at night and sleep with my head right by the window so on clear nights I can just stare at the sky in awe; literally no matter how many times I’ve seen the stars/planets/moon I get blown away every time, they are just sooo beautiful! Even on non-clear nights I still leave the curtains open because I just love the feeling of open-ness and being connected with the outside
  • Motorbikes – I haven’t actually learned to ride yet and I don’t know when I will, but I am excited to!! I’ve literally wanted to ride bikes since I was six or something, swear down. I know some people hate the sound of a noisy bike, but when I hear a gorgeous engine revving it makes me smile 🙂 I’m very much a Triumph gal, although BMW do some absolutely banging bikes
  • Adventurous or thrill-giving or just action-ey things – I’ve done things like kayaking, paintballing and rollercoasters, but I still wanna do things like skydiving, bungee jumping, paragliding, explore caves etc.
  • Tottenham – COOOOME ON YOU SPUUUURS!!!
  • Christmaaaaas

That’s a fair amount about me, so if you’re still reading, thank you and congrats for not quitting of boredom 😛 Feel free to tell me about you and what you love in the comments so I can get to know you guys!

2 thoughts on “Face reveal, and more about me

  1. Hi Lucy, nice face reveal, but i can’t see your eyes 😦

    Also as Jordan asked is there any place to listen to your music? Or do you have plans to share in the future?


  2. Great to meet a fellow songwriter and musician? Do you have a place on your website with your music for us to listen to?


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