A new chapter : Welcome (back) to my blog

Hello world!

So I’m Lucy, previously known as ‘an irrelevant girl’. I first created a blog to share poetry, now I’m dedicating this blog to music. As well as talking about my own music and sharing insight and the process behind it, I’ll also talk about other music-related things; my favourite songs and artists, my views on certain topics, and anything else that I come to think of.

To those of you who first joined me before I rebranded this site, thanks so much for the support you gave me with my poetry! You can still find my old posts by clicking on ‘an irrelevant girl’ in the footer. But this blog is now starting a new chapter, and I’m excited to start sharing new content with you. And to those of you who are just discovering this blog, hello!!

As my life is mad busy at the moment, don’t expect daily posts. This will be more of a post-when-I-can thing, so I’ll aim for at least a couple times per month, but when I actually start releasing my music I’ll have more to talk about so you can expect posts then too. Having said that, I am going to post something on Monday (in my time zone) to introduce myself in more detail 🙂

Anyway that’s it for now, take care everyone!

12 thoughts on “A new chapter : Welcome (back) to my blog

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