All Too Deep {Poem}

faceless evil
under the sun’s Ray
made by Us, like You

but we all carry

The secret hidden in
Sounding like a riddle

and marked by

Lingers behind you,
its back to us,
silent and nothing and unknowing ghost
But only I see it

All too deep

One thought on “All Too Deep {Poem}

  1. Very Nicely expressed poem! Reference to inside and outside in your poem lead me to my thought of my poem – The Two sides!! herebelow for you


    Everything in universe has two sides,
    Cheers exist along with chides,
    Good is present and co-exists bad,
    You will be happy and so also sad,

    God is there and so is Satan,
    A pair in it has a man and a woman,
    Does it mean that all is even,
    Whether it’s Hell or the beautiful Heaven?

    Spin of a coin shows Heads or Tails,
    Yet Luck is not even tells all the tales,
    Dark night is followed by a Bright Day,
    But duration of each is not in your say!!

    Naa Raa

    Hope you like it!

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